photo by Dušan Marčeta

Beauty portrait

For this beauty portrait retouching project, photographed by Dušan Marčeta, the focus was on enhancing the natural beauty of the model. The brunette woman's features were already striking, so the retouching was done in a subtle and high-end manner to bring out her best qualities. The skin texture and hair were carefully enhanced while maintaining their natural appearance. The result is a photo that displays sensuality, health and beauty. This type of retouching is ideal for cosmetic companies or healthcare brands looking to showcase their products in a sophisticated and elegant way.

For this project I've used techniques such as Frequency Separation and Dodge & Burn via 50% Overlay layer. You can see process, step by step. At the end, after a couple of hours of retouching, for final white balance check (tone of skin) it is recommended to temporarily put black and white layer so eyes can rest a bit and to unhide some shadows and highlights imperfection which can't be seen without it.