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About project

IT Days / IT Space

IT Days was IT conference which had been held successfully for nine years at the Faculty of Economics. One of the main goals of the conference was to transition people from IT novices to IT literate individuals through a combination of engaging talks, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities. The conference was held over several days and attracted almost 500 attendees each year.

My role

From Sketch to Touch

Project was born in 2013. when there were many great IT conferences in Serbia such as Blogomanija and Tvitomanija. Based on those events I've suggested to my team "Grupa za SPEKOF" at Faculty of Economics to make something similar but at the start only for students and for free. My role was extensive and I oversaw every aspect of the event, from conceptualizing, graphic design, branding and marketing to public relations, media coordination and contact with lecturers. Since Cloud storage was taking off in that time I've imagined the logo to be mix of cloud, speech bubble and brain, reffering to discussions about IT. As the years went by, the conference evolved and every year, the design was enhanced and overall experience was improved.


Brand through years

Over the course of nine years, the conference grew in size and scope. With each passing year, I was able to refine the design and overall experience, making the conference more enjoyable and informative for everyone involved (until 2017 when I retired from organization). In 2016. we renamed conference from IT Days to IT Space since we had bigger plans in pipeline such as fair for IT companies to draft their future interns and also Start-up incubator with help of Faculty of Economics. From logos and posters to social media graphics and website design, I worked hard to ensure that the conference's visual identity was consistent and engaging. In addition to design, I also gathered PR team to handle PR and media for the conference, reaching out to journalists to promote the event and secure media coverage. As the conference grew, so did the outreach and our public relations and media campaigns played a significant role in promoting the event. We utilized both traditional (posters) and digital media (social networks) to increase awareness and attract delegates.

Overall, IT Days was a rewarding project and close to my heart. I am proud of the positive impact it has had on the community and how it has contributed to bridging the gap between the academic and industry worlds. It was exciting to see the conference grow and evolve just as my skills in branding, design and event management over the years. It was, is and always be my baby project.

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