Handymen service app


Homefix is a digital service that allows users to easily search, find and rate handymen for home repairs and building projects. I had the opportunity to work on the branding for this innovative platform, which included creating a simple and effective logo design. The Homefix logo features the open-end wrench's head and the silhouette of a house, which serves as a clear and recognizable representation of the services provided by the platform. The design is minimalist and modern, with a sleek font and a color scheme of blue and gray that evokes a sense of trustworthiness and reliability.

To further enhance the brand's identity, I've created a comprehensive style guide that detailed the usage of the logo, typography, color palette and other design elements. This guide ensured that the branding remained consistent across all mediums, including the Homefix website, mobile app and social media channels. The branding for Homefix was an exciting challenge that allowed me to create a simple and effective design that represented the brand's commitment to making home repairs and building projects easy and accessible to all